Contemporary Ghanaian Writers Series (CGWS) is a literary community created to promote Ghana’s contemporary writing scene by publishing the works of emerging writers particularly of Ghanaian descent. At CGWS, we provide a platform for emerging writers to contribute to, connect and build a relationship with the writing and reading communities in Ghana. One such way is through the curation and publication of anthologies. Find our recent anthologies below.

Issue I: to grow in two bodies:
‘to grow in two bodies’ is an anthology published in 2019, which featured the work of mostly Ghanaian writers. Download and read the anthology. Find out more about the anthology.

Issue II: How to Write My Country’s Name
This anthology is a collection of eclectic poems and short stories authored by 31 Ghanaian writers with a unique and necessary perspective on socio-cultural, socio-economic and socio-political conditions of pre/post colonial Ghana. Find out more about the anthology.

Issue III: Balance Anthology – Equanimity.
In our latest anthology, we present to you works by Ghanaian writers which seek to bring some perspective to questions such as “in the entropy of ongoing global climate change, racial bigotry and a pandemic, where do we achieve balance? will we achieve balance?”. Titled Equanimity and bothering on the theme of balance, here is a collection of literary work saying you are in company during these times and all the other seasons of our exciting and turbulent living experience as humans. Find out more about the anthology.