How to Write My Country’s Name


In May 2019,  Jay Kophy curated and published the anthology; to grow in two bodies. The anthology assembled poems and short stories, from 35 writers residing in Africa and in the diaspora including Tryphena Yeboah, Henneh Kyereh Kwaku, Nanya Kooper, Ibrahim Oga Et al. tackling the duality of the human condition.

With the success of this debut anthology, it was immensely necessary to produce a follow up. The Contemporary Ghanaian Writers Series (CGWS) partnered with and acquired the rights to publish a second Issue ; ‘How To Write My Country’s Name’.

CGWS aims to include Ghanaian writers from all cultural identities, ethnicity, gender, class, sexuality, education, ability, language, religion. We are especially excited about the untapped, unpublished literary talent present in Ghana and we strive to discover and uncover them by presenting the emerging generation of Ghanaian writers in a diverse mix yearly. 

This year’s anthology is a collection of eclectic poems and short stories authored by 31 Ghanaian writers with a unique and necessary perspective on socio-cultural, socio-economic and socio-political conditions of pre/post colonial Ghana.

We are proud to state that CGWS’ How to Write My Country’s Name, marks the first publication for many of its contributors. We are glad to make this anthology free and available for download. We hope you enjoy this work and pass it on to others.